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If you are looking for a new challenge or a way to improve group dynamics, try our Challenge Course, Climbing Wall, Zipline, and/or Screamer. In addition to being fun, they're great for building confidence and self-esteem, teaching cooperation, and promoting teamwork.


*Challenge Course - Collectively there are three elements that make up the challenge course: Initiatives, Low Elements, and High Elements. To get the best group results, we recommend participating in each as these tasks are designed as a progression. You are welcome to just in one or two elements, however. Just let us know.

     *Initiatives - Fun group games designed to get groups in the right frame of mind to begin problem solving.

     *Low Elements - Involve groups using various resources to complete tasks on the ground. They promote team members planning efficiently and communicating effectively to problem-solve and accomplish their goals.

     *High Elements (Ropes Course) - Consists of a series of cables and ropes strung from poles 25 to 30 feet above the ground. There are several different obstacles participants can challenge themselves with while their teammates encourage them from the ground. Prepare to get out of your comfort zone!

*Climbing Wall - The 42 foot high Climbing Wall provides a fun and challenging climb. Different tracks allow participants to set personal goals based on their strength and skill level. Repelling back to the ground is half the fun.

*Zip Line - If you make it to the top of the climbing tower, take the thrilling plunge off of our Zip Line. You will zip from the top of our tower (enjoy the view while you are there) down a cable that extends several hundred feet across a field. It is a ride you won't soon forget!

*Screamer - Try an exhilarating free fall swing from up to 55' off the ground.  As a participant, you control how high you are raised to begin swinging (and screaming). 

*Portable Climbing Wall - If your group consists of younger children (9 years old and younger) we also have a 28 foot Portable Climbing Wall available which is better suited for the little ones. It can also be set up in various areas around camp.


*Note - anything with a * by it is facilitated recreation and includes an additional charge. Pricing is contingent upon the number of people involved. Please provide at least two weeks notice for all facilitated activities.

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