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Youth Group Camps

Our purpose is to provide a venue for youth group leaders to put together a fun-filled, enriching camp experience for their youth.

Here is how it works...

Camp Champions provides a venue with lodging, meeting space, meals, and recreation galore.  We supply and staff your recreational needs, and you organize the rest of the program - speakers/sessions/meetings, nightly entertainment, rules/boundaries, etc.  We are happy to collaborate with you to in creating schedules, large group activities, or anything else that may help you have a successful stay, but you determine how involved you would like us to be. 

If you are a church leader - often times churches will partner in this type of event in order to generate larger numbers to create more of a camp feel.

We have 4, & 5 night camps available.

2012 availability:  BOOKED!  Please call for 2013 dates.

Cost of 4 Night Camp: 

Cost of 5 Night Camp:

All the recreation listed in the recreation link of our website is included in the price of these camps. 

If you have questions or would like to reserve dates, please contact Darren at or 512-633-5446.